Privacy and Cookies Policy

We at Easy Cloud Manager understand all possible privacy concerns that might arise in a user’s mind while using our service. In this section, we outline how we collect, use, maintain, handle as well as protect user data.

By using our website and products, you agree to our Privacy Policy. We regularly update this page from time to time. You are advised to visit this page regularly to be aware of any changes that might have been made to our Privacy Policy since your last visit.

Google API Services User Data Policy

Easy Cloud Manager's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

We Don't Save and Share Drives Data

Note: After authorization, Easy Cloud Manager allows users to connect one cloud drive to another using the official API-based interfaces provided by the cloud storage services. Easy Cloud Manager doesn't save or share the data.

Safety and Security

We at Easy Cloud Manager attach great significance to user data security. We have in place the latest measures that ensure complete data privacy and protection to protect against any man-in-the-middle or other similar attacks.

SSL certificates further secure our website for our users. SSL certificates are digital certificates that enable an encrypted connection and authenticate a website's digital identity. The encrypted connections are specially useful when you enter your personal details like name and payment information such as credit card number. Furthermore, we have also partnered with 2checkout, which is known globally for its secure processing of e-commerce payments over the Internet.

Collecting Information and Using that Information

In addition to the mentioned-information points, the EASYCLOUDMANAGER.COM website by Sorcim Technologies (pvt) Ltd collects this information:


  • The website uses Google Tag Manager to install 3rd party tags on the website. These 3rd party sites may include tags from digital-properties such as Google Analytics (GA4), Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter/ X, Quora, and other social and tech-sites. Any tag added through Google Tag Manager on our website ( complies with the site’s Privacy Policy, which clearly outlines that Sorcim Technologies only collects non-personal information of the clients to create Remarketing audiences based on user cookies and users interaction with our website. These audiences do not contain financial, personal and identifiable information.

  • As a Premium or Trial User of Easy Cloud Manager, you provide us additional information which includes your email and name. By providing this information, you allow us to contact you regarding the Easy Cloud Manager SaaS product and Sorcim’s other product offerings. We ‘may’ use your email in a list and deliver you the email messages through a 3rd party email-management software. You can always Contact us to remove your email from our list. Or, simply choose to unsubscribe from the email message, if there is any in your email inbox. 


Remove your data 

  • Contact Sorcim Support of Product-Specific support of Easy Cloud Manager (ECM) website to remove your information from our emailing list. 
  • Terminate your account at ECM site: Terminating your account will result in removing all the cloud drives authentication information, transfer log, purchase history as well as your Easy Cloud Manager account. You will also be automatically signed out of this platform.


Google API and other API Services Policy

Sorcim Technologies (pvt) Ltd uses APIs of Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, Twitter, and other 3rd party companies. These APIs allow Sorcim to enhance their product and perform certain actions on users cloud storage or social media accounts. Here is how it works and Sorcim safeguards your personal information: 


  • Sorcim Technologies (pvt) Ltd uses official APIs in these web-apps:;;; These APIs include:
    Google Drive API, Google Photos, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Twitter/X, pCloud, Box Cloud. The list may not contain names of other APIs that can be incorporated after October 10, 2023. Any API used in ECM site (or other web-apps by Sorcim) follows safe credentials and takes user consent before the app accesses users data. 

Sorcim requests read-only access of the users cloud files for web-apps and, while it requests broad access (details of the access can be seen and reviewed by the end-user at the oAuth login screens) for its cloud-app, in order to transfer files across cloud drives. Sorcim also uses tweets access for to allow users to mass delete tweets online

Collected Information

When you sign up for one of our products, we retain your basic identification information like name, email etc. By providing this information, you permit us to send you email updates. We might also make use of this information when you request for technical support or participate in a survey. However, we do not share any of this information with third-parties except our payment processor (2checkout in this case). Be assured that we do not have access to any of your personal data stored on your cloud accounts.

Our server also automatically records certain information received through your browser every time you access our website. This information includes browser type, IP address, web request type, number of clicks, pages viewed, URLs, and other similar information.


Web Analytics

We also use Facebook Audience Capture and Google Analytics to analyze our website’s traffic and understand the behavior of our users. We then might also use this information to design effective business strategies and remarket our services.

If you want to opt out of this, you can change your browser’s cookies settings or implement strict privacy settings to prevent any tracking at all. However, be assured that these cookies only contain non-personal information.

Other Linked Websites

Our websites may include outbound reference links to other websites or product pages. Our Privacy Policy does not reflect the policies of other referenced websites. We cannot guarantee how they will gather, use, or distribute your data. You are advised to read the Privacy Policy before using the linked websites or products.

Internet-Based Advertising

Third-party tools like Facebook Audience Capture and Google Analytics help us generate target market audiences based on users’ interaction with our websites. This information might also be used to show you ads through different platforms such as Gmail and YouTube. You might see ads based on your past engagement with our website or different device identifiers. If you do not wish to see any ads, you can try out a few steps including:

  • Turning off Google's ad personalization:
  • Using the NAI opt-out tool that can scan your browser's settings and suggest actions to improve your digital privacy:

Updates to Privacy Policy

In case of any changes, we regularly update our Privacy Policy page. You are advised to visit this page from time to time in case of any updates. If you continue to use our websites after we have made any changes to the Privacy Policy, it is deemed that you agree to the updated privacy policies as well.