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Expeditious File Transfer and Management Across Clouds 100% Online, Rapid, and Safe

256-bit encryption. No Cloud Drive password stored. No file stored.  Create an account without a credit card!

Cloud File Transfer

Transfer all your important data across multiple cloud platforms seamlessly with Easy Cloud Manager.

We support all six major Cloud platforms, so that your data remains synced and safe for easy access.

With three different pricing plans, the Easy Cloud Manager services can be availed to suit your need as per your budget.

Transfer data in between 10+ clouds including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, GSuite (Workspace), OneDrive for Business, Dropbox Business, pCloud,

  • Fast Transfer
  • Realtime Transfer
  • Same Folder Structure
  • Files Preview Available
  • Cloud Explorer
  • Free Trial
  • Amazing Transfer Limits

Reasons to Try

We're verified API developers working since 2004. 20,000+ customers trust our development expertise. Our apps are listed in major business directories.

No Installation

Easy Cloud Manager transfers data across clouds completely online. You don’t need to install any software on your desktop or mobile. You can use the ECM on any computer, tablet, or phone browsers.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is 100% secured by 256-bit encryption. We don’t save your data on our servers. As soon as the data is transferred to the recipient/destination cloud, it is deleted from the servers of the Easy Cloud Manager.

Multiple Transfers

You can use ECM for inter and intra cloud data migrations. You can even initiate more than one cloud-to-cloud data transfer operation

What about passwords and Logins?

ECM can not access the passwords of the cloud storage services. Users remain 100% in control of their accounts. The logins are done on the clouds’ operated login screens.


ECM suite has smart utilities to manage and organize files on Cloud. For instance, you can deduplicate cloud files, rename files on cloud, and save space using the smart utilities. 

Inter Cloud & Intra Cloud Data Transfer

ECM supports inter-cloud and intra-cloud data-transfers. Start your data migration and automate the process by setting simple rules on the application-interface.

Inter Cloud Transfer

Transfer files from one google drive account to another

Google workspace to another gsuite account

Onedrive to onedrive

Onedrive business to onedrive business

Dropbox to dropbox

Dropbox business to dropbox business

Box to box

Pcloud to pcloud

Cloud to Cloud specific

Google drive to onedrive

Google drive to onedrive business

Google drive to dropbox

Google drive to dropbox business

Google drive to cloud

Google drive to gsuite

Gsuite to google drive

Gsuite to onedrive

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Gsuite to onedrive business

Gstuite to dropbox

Gstuite to dropbox business

Onedrive to onedrive business

Onedrive to google drive

Onedrive to gsuite

Onedrive to dropbox

Onedrive to dropbox business

Onedrive business to onedrive

Onedrive business to google drive

Onedrive business to gsuite

Onedrive business to dropbox

Onedrive business to dropbox business

Onedrive business to pcloud

Dropbox to dropbox business

Dropbox to google drive

Dropbox to gsuite

Dropbox to onedrive

Dropbox to onedrive business

Dropbox to pcloud

Dropbox business to dropbox

Dropbox business to google drive

Dropbox business to gsuite

Dropbox business to onedrive

Dropbox business to onedrive business

Box to google drive, dropbox, onedrive and other cloud

Pcloud to google drive

Pcloud to gsuite

Pcloud to onedrive

Pcloud to onedrive business

Pcloud to dropbox

Pcloud to dropbox business

Expeditious Data Transfer and Management Across Clouds

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