Dropbox to OneDrive Files Transfer Solution Cloud-Based

Running low on Dropbox storage can be inconvenient. You won’t be able to upload new files. Your file syncing process might get stuck more often. Or your file syncing may fail altogether with an error.

If you’re facing any of these issues, what do you do? If your answer is that you delete your older files, the better option is to move them to OneDrive. Deleting older files might sometimes be risky. There is a risk of accidentally deleting some files which you may need later. Moving files to OneDrive will help you recover files if you need them again.

Manual Method

This method involves signing-in to Dropbox on your browser, and downloading your files. After downloading them, you need to drag them over in the OneDrive folder.

Here’s the detailed procedure:

  1. Visit the Dropbox website, and sign-in to your Dropbox account.

  2. Click on the All Files section.

  3. Select a folder you want to transfer to OneDrive.

  4. Click on the Download icon.

  5. While your files are being downloaded, sign-in to OneDrive in your OneDrive app. The OneDrive app is pre-installed on Windows 11/ 10.

  6. Once you sign-in, a OneDrive folder will be displayed in the File Explorer.

  7. Drag and drop all the Dropbox downloaded files to your OneDrive folder.

  8. Wait until your files are synced online.


Note: It may take some time to sync these files to your OneDrive account. The actual time may depend on the number and size of your files. You can see the sync progress by hovering your mouse over the OneDrive icon in the notification area of your Taskbar.

Automatic Method

The manual method requires you downloading your files. The transfer process may become slow if your download speed is not good. A better way to transfer a large number of files is to use Easy Cloud Manager.

Easy Cloud Manager is a simple web app that provides a platform to load all of your cloud accounts. After adding your cloud account, you will be able to transfer files from one account to another, much like File Explorer.

Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Easy Cloud Manager website, and create a new account.

  2. In the Add Cloud Accounts section, select a cloud storage service to add your account. For the purpose of our example, select Dropbox.



  1. You’ll be redirected to the Dropbox login form. Enter your login credentials and proceed.


  1. Similarly, add your OneDrive account.

  2. After adding both of your drives, they will appear under My Cloud Drives.

  3. Click on the Operations tab and set Dropbox as the source drive, and OneDrive as the destination drive.



  1. Check folders from the source drive you want to transfer.

  2. Select a folder from the destination drive where you want to keep transferred files.

  3. Click on the Transfer Now button to start the file transfer. To transfer them at a later time, click on Schedule Task.