Dropbox to pCloud Files Migration

Moving a file from one folder to another on the cloud isn’t a difficult job. Simply drag your file to its new folder, and it will be moved in no time.

But what if you wish to move numerous files from one cloud service to another? What if you want to move Dropbox files from various folders to pCloud? Stay with us as we demonstrate some easy hacks to accomplish this task.

Transferring Files from Dropbox to pCloud Using Easy Cloud Manager

Dropbox and pCloud are both rivals. As such, there is no official way to automatically transfer files among them. They do not provide a direct way to transfer your files.

However, you can manually download your files from your Dropbox account and upload them on pCloud. Manual method has some of its drawbacks. If you’ve a slow Internet connection at home or office, the transfer will take longer. Besides, there is a small possibility that you will lose some files owing to human errors.

Thankfully, a third-party solution Easy Cloud Manager comes to your aid. Not only it automates the entire cloud file transfer, but it also reduces the total file transfer time.

Easy Cloud Manager (ECM) Features

Securely connect to your cloud account using the official method. Your personal data always remains yours.
Cross-compatible: ECM is a web app. It can be used from Windows, MacBook, Linux, Android and tablet.
Supports a range of cloud services including Dropbox, pCloud, Google Photos, Box, Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Google WorkSpace, OneDrive Business, Dropbox Business, etc.
Automatically schedule transfer of files among cloud accounts
ECM is not a simple cloud transfer tool. It is accompanied with many valuable features such as batch renaming, file search, etc. Batch Renamer will help you rename files on your cloud account using different renaming rules. File Search will make it easy to find your documents and files.
ECM offers scheduled file transfers so that you don’t have to manually perform repetitive file transfers.


Visit the Easy Cloud Manager website.
Create a new account and log-in to it.
In the Home tab, click on Add New Drives.
Select Dropbox and add it.

You’ll need to provide file access permissions.
Click on pCloud and add it.
You’ll need to provide file access permissions.
Click on the Operations tab.
Click on Select Source and choose your Dropbox account.
Click on the Load Drive button.
Click on the Select Target and choose your pCloud account.

Click on the Load Drive button.
Now, select the folders in your source account (Dropbox) you want to move.
Select a destination folder in the target account (pCloud).
Click on the Start Transfer to immediately start the file transfer task.