Windows Easy Transfer Windows 11 Alternative and File Transfer

So you just bought a new Windows 11 PC? Congratulations! Now, the first thing you want to do is transfer your files, programs, and settings from your old PC. Perhaps, you have already heard about Windows Easy Transfer and are curious whether you could use it for free. Keep reading as we explore more about it in detail.

Windows Easy Transfer

Windows Easy Transfer was a popular tool developed by Microsoft for transferring user’s documents, files, and settings from one PC to another. Besides, it was also used for transferring user’s files while upgrading from one Windows version to another (for example, you could use it to transfer files and settings while upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7).

Microsoft introduced Windows Easy Transfer in Windows Vista to replace the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard that came preinstalled with Windows XP. The tool was soon discontinued with the release of Windows 10 and is no longer part of Windows 11 either. But, hey, stay tuned. We have already covered some solid alternatives of data transfer.

Why Was Windows Easy Transfer So Popular?

There are several reasons why Windows Easy Transfer was popular among home users and businesses.

Limitations of Windows Easy Transfer

While Windows Easy Transfer was a great tool for transferring user data, it had certain limitations. For instance, it couldn’t transfer Windows settings and installed programs and occasionally encountered errors.

Best Alternatives for Windows Easy Transfer for Windows 11 Users

1. Microsoft OneDrive (Freemium)
With Windows 10, Microsoft replaced Windows Easy Transfer with a much easier method of data transfer — OneDrive cloud storage.

OneDrive app comes pre-installed with Windows 10 and Windows 11. It is a superior cloud-based file storage, transfer and collaboration platform that offers powerful integration with Windows, file sharing, and collaboration features.



The free storage is limited
It does not support transferring programs and settings.

OneDrive offers a limited storage of 5 GB for free. You can purchase Office 365 subscription to avail a minimum of 100 GB of OneDrive storage for free.

2. Laplink PCMover (Paid)
Laplink PCMover is one of the best alternatives for Windows Easy Transfer. It allows transferring user files, user profiles, settings, and software applications to their new PC.

Microsoft had partnered with Laplink to offer the paid edition PCMover Express for free for personal use for a limited period. However, the free offer has already expired and is no longer available.

Using PCMover, you can transfer a comprehensive set of data that includes:



No longer free
Offers a limited set of features in the Express edition

The cheapest edition PCMover Express costs $29.95. For additional features, you will need to upgrade to a higher edition.

3. Disk Cloning Method (Free)
PCMover is no longer free. Therefore, if you’re looking for a free way to transfer your files, programs, and settings to your new PC, your best bet is free Disk Cloning software. There are many free and open-source disk cloning tools available, such as CloneZilla.

What is a Disk Cloning Software?
Disk Cloning software replicates everything from the source drive to the target drive, eliminating the need to reinstall Windows and programs, re-configuring your PC, and moving your files. It builds a complete copy of your source drive to an image file and then duplicates the contents onto your target drive. It is also called a complete machine backup or a byte-by-byte copy.

The disk cloning process may take a long time if you have lots of data on your old PC. To speed up the entire process, it is highly recommended to delete unwanted data and look for duplicate files. A handy tool such as Clone Files Checker will help you free up GBs of storage by deleting duplicate files and reducing the overall transfer speed.

A good deal of freeware disk cloning tools are available
Copies everything from your old computer to your new computer
Transfers all your files, Windows, programs and settings (Your Windows license may be lost depending on the license type. For example, if you’re using an OEM license that came pre-activated with your computer, it is non-transferable. If your license type is Retail, you will be able to re-activate it on one machine at a time)
Compresses the contents of the source disk to take lesser storage on the transfer media.

There is no way to perform Selective Transfer. It clones everything from your source disk, including unnecessary files and applications.
It can take more time depending on the size of your source drive, and file compression speed
CloneZilla is a free and open-source application.

Summing Up…
Windows Easy Transfer has long been discontinued and is no longer available. However, there are a bunch of alternatives such as OneDrive, PCMover, and Disk Cloning software, each with its benefits and limitations.

If you’re looking to transfer only files, consider using OneDrive. It’s free with limited storage. If you’re looking to transfer a specific set of programs and settings, PCMover might be of your interest. If you’re looking to transfer everything from your old computer to the new PC, a freeware Disk Cloning tool can be a no-nonsense alternative.