Simple Guide To Move Google Photos to OneDrive

If you have an Android phone, it makes sense to upload all your photos to Google Photos. However, many people depend on Microsoft products like Windows, Office Suite, and OneDrive. If you are one of those users, you probably would be interested in moving Google Photos data to OneDrive at some point. 

Unfortunately, manually moving data to OneDrive isn’t easy. You’ll have to download all the photos/videos from Google Photos and upload them to OneDrive. Thankfully, we know an easier way to automate this process. Read on. 

Why Move Google Photos to OneDrive?

Keeping data in the Microsoft ecosystem is just one of the reasons for the transfer. However, there are many other reasons why it might be better to keep your photos in OneDrive instead of Google Photos. Below are some reasons OneDrive is better than Google Photos:

How To Migrate Google Photos to OneDrive

Now coming to the solution, we believe that using a cloud file migration app is the easiest way to move the data from one cloud service to another. For this purpose, Easy Cloud Manager (ECM)  is what you can rely upon. 

ECM allows you to transfer a big volume (up to 5GB) of data free. It works on the cloud and doesn’t consume your device’s resources. It even allows you to schedule cloud file transfers without letting you oversee the file transfer actually happening. 

Here is how you can get started using ECM: 

Create an account and log in. You’ll see a list of supported cloud storage services. Select Google Photos and log-in to your cloud storage account. Afterward, give permissions to the ECM to safely access your Google Photos. Repeat the same steps with OneDrive so that both clouds are added to your Easy Cloud Manager account. You can click on the My Cloud Drive section to view your currently added cloud drives.

Now move to the Operations tab and you’ll see options and settings to set up the cloud transfer task on the SaaS dashboard. Click on Select Source to select Google Photos, and then Select Target to select OneDrive.

You will be able to see the folders in OneDrive where your data will be moved. Select the right folder and then adjust the options below to manage which data should be moved. You can adjust data based on type, size, and time. When you are done, click on Transfer Now to start the transfer or Schedule Task to do it later.

In the Tasks tab, you will be able to see your current and previous transfers and their status. The process will happen in the cloud and the completion time depends on the total data being transferred. In our experience, it takes about 1 minute to transfer 100MBs of data. 

Thankfully, the transfer happens in the cloud so it won’t affect your work and you may close the browser’s tab.