Google Drive to Dropbox Data Transfer Solution 100% Online

Cloud has revolutionized the Internet. It has changed the way we work, share data, and collaborate. We no longer need to take physical storage drives, such as external hard drives, with us. We can share large files, collaborate with others in real-time, and receive instant feedback. Furthermore, cloud storage plans are very affordable. If you run a business, you don’t need to worry about investing in large scale server infrastructure. This saves cost, and lets you focus on your core business activities.

Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox

Method 1: Using Easy Cloud Manager

Easy Cloud Manager provides a simple interface to transfer files among different cloud storages. ECM saves you time, Internet bandwidth and storage by transferring files over-the-network. You can also schedule automatic file transfers that take place on predefined time intervals.




  1. Visit the Easy Cloud Manager website and create a new account.

  2. Add your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts from the Home tab. To add an account, click on the Add New Drive option. In the new prompt, select your cloud storage service, and then click on Add New Drive. Follow the on-screen procedure

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  4. Once you’ve added both the accounts, you’re ready to go. Click on the Operations tab, and switch to the Data Transfer option.


  5. Click on Select Source, and set Google Drive as your source account.

  6. Click on Select Target, and set Dropbox as your target account.

  7. Check the folders in the Source Account you want to transfer.

  8. Check the folder in the Target Account where you want to move files to.

  9. Click on the Transfer Now button.


If you would like to schedule the task for a later time, click on the Schedule Task option. Specify your schedule, and then click on Schedule Task again.



Method 2: Manual File Transfer

There is another method for transferring files from Google Drive to Dropbox.

Right-click the files in your Google Drive account you want to transfer. Select the Download option. Once your files are downloaded, open Dropbox and upload those files.

This may be a handy procedure if you've got fewer files to transfer. If you’ve got a large list of files, your best bet is Easy Cloud Manager. Manually transferring a large number of files may not only take longer, but there is a possibility of losing some files due to human error.