How to Transfer Data From Google Drive To Google Photos

It's common for cloud-users to select all the data to be moved to Google Drive, including photos and videos. Bad move! Google Drive isn’t the best tool for managing photos and videos. It’s recommended to use Google Photos for photos and videos, as Google has specially made it for that purpose.

Google Drive and Google Photos share storage quota, so it’s not practical to upload photos to both services. Don’t worry though, you can still transfer your data from Google Drive to Google Photos effortlessly. 

Benefits of Migrating Google Drive Photos to Google Photos

If you still think it’s okay to manage data in Google Drive, think again. Below are some benefits of having your data, specially photos, stored in Google Photos that you’ll miss out on if you stick with Google Drive:

On top of the above benefits, Google Photos also has a much better interface for viewing and managing media. 

Transfer Files From Google Drive to Google Photos

To move data from Google Drive to Google Photos, you have the self-service method to manually download all Google Drive’s data and then upload it to Google Photos. However, that’s quite a lot of manual work that will also use too much of your time and resources. 

An easier solution would be to automate the process using a cloud manager app.

For this purpose, we recommend Easy Cloud Manager to transfer Drive’s data to Google Photos. It’s an extremely easy-to-use web-app that helps move data between 10 different cloud services, including Google Drive and Google Photos.

ECM is secure, the official cloud services (such as Google in our case) handles the account-login details. You just need to give it the essential permissions to transfer files.  To top it off, it comes with reliable pricing plans to transfer up to 5GBs/month for free.

How To Use Easy Cloud Manager to Move Google Drive Files to Google Photos

Create an Easy Cloud Manager account and sign in. Afterward, follow the below instructions to transfer Google Drive data to Google Photos:

First, you need to authenticate cloud drives. On the Home page, click on Google Drive and give the required permissions, and then click on Google Photos and do the same.

After authentication, these drives should appear under the My Cloud Drives section.

Now move to the Operations tab and select Google Drive in the Select Source area and Google Photos in the Select Target area.

Once added, you can click on the Plus (+) button next to Google Drive to view and select all the folders in your drive.

At the bottom, you can adjust different parameters, including file type, size, and time.

Once all set, click on Transfer Now to immediately start a cloud file transfer task, or click on Schedule Task to do it later. Schedule Task also lets you set up recurring transfers.

You can find your current running and completed transfers in the Tasks tab.

The transfers will happen in the cloud, so you can close the tab if you want. The duration to complete the transfer depends on the size of the data.