Google Workspace to OneDrive File Transfer App


Are you a Google Workspace user? Are the majority of your business clients using OneDrive? If so, moving your files to OneDrive will make file sharing easier. You can also prevent file compatibility issues while collaborating with non-Google clients.


We know that moving files from one platform to another is not a simple task. Google Workspace and OneDrive are no exceptions. If you are considering moving your files but are unsure about the process, we are here to help.


Method 1: Using Google Takeout


Google Takeout provides a handy way to move files from your Google Workspace to other cloud services. Google Takeout gives you an option to transfer all files in your Google Workspace Account or only a specific set of folders. Furthermore, you can also limit the transfer to only specific file formats.



  1. Visit the Google Takeout page.
  2. In the "Select data to include," click on “Deselect all”.
  3. Scroll down and check the “Drive” option.
  4. By default, all folders in your Drive will be transferred. If you want to transfer only a specific folder of your choice, click on the “All Drive data included” option. Uncheck “Include all files and folders in Drive”. Check the specific folders to transfer. Click on OK.
  5. You can also include named, published, and uploaded versions, and additional information about the files and folders by using the Advanced Settings.
  6. Click on Next Step.
  7. On the next page, set the Destination to “Add to OneDrive”.
  8. Choose the file format for your archive. By default, Google creates an archive with the .zip file format. You can change it to .tgz if required. It’s up to you.
  9. If you have huge data, Google splits it into multiple archives with up to a 2 GB file size. You can change the archive size.
  10. Click on Link Accounts and Create Export.
  11. Follow the on-screen procedure to link your OneDrive account.

How does Google Takeout transfer my files?


Google Takeout requires that you link your OneDrive account with your Google Workspace Account. After linking, it creates an archive with the data in your Google Workspace Account

and transfers it to your OneDrive account.


What are the limitations of this method?


As your files are stored inside an archive, you will need to download the archive and extract them at one point in the future. There’s no direct way to extract an archive on OneDrive. However, if you wish to store them only for archiving purposes, there’s no need to download or extract them.


Method 2: Using Easy Cloud Manager


Easy Cloud Manager is a no-nonsense tool for real-world file transfers. It helps you batch transfer files from one cloud service to another without the inconvenience of downloading or extracting any files.


ECM is fully browser-based, so there’s no download or installation. You can use it irrespective of the operating system you use.


Your data is secured with AES-256 encryption to prevent Man-in-the-Middle (MTM) attacks. Moreover, ECM provides an in-house cloud duplicate finder tool to automatically find and remove duplicates, alongside a cloud renamer to batch rename your files. You can also view the log of all file transfer activities to know which files successfully transferred and which failed.



  1. Register on the Easy Cloud Manager website.
  2. Click on the Home section > Add Cloud Drives.
  3. Click on the Google Workspace icon and follow up with the procedure.
  4. Similarly, click on the OneDrive icon and follow up with the procedure.
  5. Click on the Operations tab.
  6. Click on Data Transfer.
  7. Click on Select Source.
  8. Choose your Google Workspace account as the source account.
  9. Similarly, click on the Select Target.
  10. Choose your OneDrive as the destination account.
  11. Check the folders in your Google Workspace account you want to transfer.
  12. Select a folder in your OneDrive account where you want to keep transferred files.
  13. Click on Transfer Now to immediately start the file transfer. To schedule it for later, click on Schedule Task and choose your schedule date-time.

How long does the transfer take?


The transfer process may take from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of your files. Easy Cloud Manager is powered with high-speed servers that transfer your files at lightning speed.


Do I need to download any files?


No, you don’t need to download any files to your computer. The entire transfer process takes place on the cloud.


Which cloud services does ECM support?


Apart from Google Workspace and OneDrive, ECM supports a range of cloud services, including Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, pCloud, Google Photos, OneDrive Business.


Can I transfer files between two accounts on the same cloud provider?


Absolutely. You can transfer files between two accounts on the same cloud service providers (for example, Google Workspace to Google Workspace) or different cloud providers (for example, Google Workspace to OneDrive), etc. You only need to add both of your accounts and approve the file access permissions.


How secure is ECM?


ECM is 100% secure (Read Terms Here). As said before, your data is encrypted during transit. Moreover, ECM does not directly ask for your log-in credentials. It redirects you to the page of your cloud service provider to log in and provide permissions to securely access your files. As always, you can revoke these permissions if you want.