Google Drive to pCloud File Migration Assistant

So you’ve finally decided to make a switch from Google Drive to pCloud. But you’re worried that downloading all files from Google Drive and re-uploading them on pCloud will take too long. Worry not, we have come out with a simple and straightforward solution to migrate your large data.

Strong Reasons to Move Files from Google Drive to pCloud

pCloud offers amazing cross-platform compatibility. pCloud Drive is available for download on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and as a browser extension. You're covered regardless of the operating system or gadget you use.

pCloud Drive automatically backs up your documents & photos online while you work on them. If your file becomes corrupt, you can restore previous versions that are up to a year old.

Another unique feature about pCloud is the availability of lifetime plans. While other major cloud service providers charge an annual or monthly subscription, pCloud offers budget-friendly one-time payment plans with lifetime validity.

pCloud offers robust data security features. In this age of increasing cases of cyber attacks and data breaches, storing confidential documents on the cloud can be a concern for some individuals and businesses. pCloud protects your data with its unbreakable military grade encryption, client-side encryption, and two-factor authentication.

Migrate Files from Google Drive to pCloud

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense method, Easy Cloud Manager is the ultimate solution.

Easy Cloud Manager is a web-based app. Much like Google Drive and pCloud, you can use it straight from any device.

Easy Cloud Manager offers file transfers among different cloud storages and accounts. You can transfer files from your Google Drive account to pCloud without downloading any of them offline. Obviously, this will have a time and bandwidth advantage for you.

How Does the Easy Cloud Manager Work? Is It Safe?

Easy Cloud Manager is 100% safe. When you create a free account on ECM, you need to add your drives (Google Drive and pCloud in this case) first. It allows you to add them in the most safe way by utilizing the official APIs of your cloud providers to obtain data access permissions. That is why you have ultimate control over your data. After completing your tasks, you can revoke access permissions granted to Easy Cloud Manager at any moment.

Other Features

Easy Cloud Manager is not just a simple cloud transfer app. There are many more features. Some of the important ones are listed below:

Transfer Files from Google Drive to pCloud

  1. Visit the Easy Cloud Manager website, and create a new account.

  2. Click on Add New Drive.

  3. Select the Google Drive option, click on Add New Drive, and follow-up with the authentication procedure.

  4. Similarly, add your pCloud account.

  5. Click on Operations > Data Transfer.

  6. Select your source account (Google Drive).

  7. Select your Target account (pCloud).

  8. Select the specific folders from your Google Drive account you want to transfer to pCloud.

  9. Select the target folder in your pCloud account where you want to store the transferred files.

  10. Click on the Transfer Now button.